Cellulose Nano Fibre that increases strength

This is produced by reinforcing cellulose with Cellulose Nano Fibre (CNF) gel, which is a cellulose-based structural material, like the CNF reinforced material with a new concept, transcending the paper concept, and expands the possibility of cellulose.

Vulcanized Fibre and CNF

What is Vulcanized Fibre
Vulcanized Fibre is a unique material made from paper with a history of approximately 100 years since it was first manufactured in Japan.
Another way to call instead of “Vulcanized” is “Vulcan treatment” which means “Chemically reinforced fiber”.
Vulcanized Fibre is, in other words, a “chemically reinforced fiber”.
The product has excellent characteristics such as “hard and tenacious”, “not easily broken”, “heat resistance”, “impermeable to electricity” and “high biodegradability”, and its tensile strength is superior to that of synthetic resin.
The reason why ordinary paper becomes reinforced fiber is that it is disintegrated to the nano level (= cellulose nanofibers) by chemical treatment.
A set of ordinary papers becomes reinforced fiber as it is broken down to the nano level (=Cellulose Nano Fibre) by this chemical treatment.

About durability
Travel cases made of Vulcanized Fibre are durable enough to be passed over three generations, from parent to child, and from child to grandchild.
This durability for 100 year indicates that Vulcanized Fibre is an excellent reinforced material which people all over the world love.

About biodegradability
Vulcanized Fibre, which is made entirely of cellulose, has been found to be more biodegradable than paperboard despite its strength.
While possessing high biodegradability, it has characteristics that other materials do not have, such as high durability in normal use.

Usage example: Kendo armor
Do you know that the Kendo armor is made of Vulcanized Fibre?
It continues to protect players as armor of body even now.
This proves that it is a material which is resistant to impacts such as batting and hitting, and that it can also be molded.

Cellulose reinforced with CNF gel

– The innovative material based on new warm old wisdom created from fusing existing technology and advanced science together –

The jelly-formed base paper, which is an intermediate form of Vulcanized Fibre in the production process, was dried by the latest technology, and, it was found that Cellulose Nano Fibres (CNF) were intertwined when it was viewed under a microscope. We call this gel state CNF gel.
CNF gel is a chemical treatment that is used to nanoize pulp fibers, and it does not require mechanical disintegration energy as compared to the conventional method of applying large external force to wood pulp for nanoization. Furthermore, high concentration of CNF gel also reduces drying energy, which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process.
In other words, Vulcanized Fibre itself is also one of the CNF materials, and this manufacturing method using a 100% cellulose material to produce the CNF material without extracting CNF alone is an ideal consistent process.

Product features

A sheet-like / block-like reinforcing material consisting of almost cellulose, in which CNFs are entangled three-dimensionally, is obtained.