It achieved to offer the thickness and the lightness which any conventional paper does not have. While keeping bulkiness, the weight was reduced to about 1/5 of the paperboard.
Because the inside structure contains the air gap, we obtained about 5 times the cushioning elasticity compared to normal paper.

“Fwat-Light” has a much more cushioning property compared to paperboard and thick paper, so it has an excellent function as a shock absorbing material that absorbs shock and reduces distortion. Furthermore, by bonding “Fwat-Light” together to form a composite, it is possible to make a sheet with high cushioning properties similar to that of a styrene board, and it can be applied to products in various fields. In addition, it is highly resistant to heat, and can be easily stamped and punched accurately by press processing, so it is highly reliable as industrial base equipment for semiconductor substrate manufacturing.

Heat retaining property & Cool keeping property
Excellent at heat retaining property, cool keeping property, and thermal insulation properties comparable to synthetic foam substrates.
“Fwat-Light” has lower thermal conductivity than paperboard, and is excellent at heat retaining property, cool keeping property, and thermal insulation.
Taking advantage of this property, the heat insulation effect is further improved by pasting “Fwat-Light” on the inside of the cardboard. It can be used widely as a lightweight and strong insulated cardboard.

Water absorption
The main component is natural pulp, and heavy metals, PCBs, formaldehyde, phenols, and fluorescent substances are not contained.

As “Fwat-Light” is made by expansion of foam material, the cross sectional structure is rough and the inside is castella-like.
Therefore, it is highly water-absorbent, and suitable for things such as coasters where permeability and dryness are required.
Its safety of usage is high because pulp is used as the base material, so it can be widely used for household goods. In addition, it is effective to infuse the perfume and to exude the scent and to use it as a fragrance. In surface treatment, it is possible to freely press foil and emboss, and it is suitable for small processed goods for promotional purposes.

The structure does not obstruct the flow of air, so this high ventilation-ability keeps comfortability and cleanliness by letting moisture and odor not be trapped inside.

“Fwat-Light” is much less dense than regular paper and has a large space inside. Therefore, it has high air permeability with a structure that does not obstruct the flow of air, making it ideal as an intermediate material for shoe inlays and storage products.
Good ventilation prevents moisture and odor from getting inside, always keeping comfort and cleanliness. In addition, cushioning is also high, and the effect of absorbing shock is excellent.

Safety and ecology
It can be used widely for household goods and interior goods.
Main application
Cushioned paper (for press), cushioned paper tube, corrugated cardboard for cushioning, heat retention, insulated cardboard (inner paste)


      N720070 N720100 N720150 N720165 N720200
Basis weight [g / m2]〔g/m²〕 70 100 150 165 200
Thickness〔μm〕 350 500 750 825 1,000
Density〔g/cm³〕 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20
Tensile strength (Machine direction)〔kN/m〕 1.00or more 1.40or more 2.00or more 2.00or more 2.50or more
Tensile strength (Cross direction)〔kN/m〕 0.60or more 0.80or more 0.80or more 1.20or more 1.20or more
Tear strength (Machine direction)〔mN〕 400or more 500or more 750or more 750or more 900or more
Tear strength (Cross direction)〔mN〕 450or more 700or more 1,000or more 1,000or more 1,000or more
Size degree〔sec〕 100or more 120or more 120or more 120or more 120or more

※ The above values are reference values, not guaranteed values


Basis weight 70g/m²~200g/m²
Effective width MAX2,200mm
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※Other Specification: Please contact us for other than the above specifications.

Flame retardant ultra low density paper NFLseries

Characteristic value

      NFL0.5 NFL1.0
Basis weight〔g/m²〕 120 240
Thickness〔μm〕 550 1,100
Density〔g/cm³〕 0.23 0.22
Tensile strength (Machine direction)〔kN/m〕 2.3 4.6
Tensile strength (Cross direction)〔kN/m〕 1.3 2.6
Bending resistance (Machine direction)〔mN〕 1,030 2,060
Bending resistance (Cross direction)〔mN〕 1,275 2,551
Aqueous Ingredients〔%〕 5.2 5.5
Flame retardance UL-94 V-0 V-0

※ The above figures are reference values, not guaranteed values

Application Example

Cushion absorbent paper
Battery pack, battery leakage prevention, etc.