Transition to the establishment of Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre

The history of Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre and its predecessors Teikoku Kenshi and the Nissha Shokai.

Age [Industrialization]

History of Teikoku Kenshi and the Nissha Shokai

Plastic industrialization and the history of Vulcanized Fibre



Vulcanized Fibre was invented by Thomas Taylor in the U.K.

[1870 U.S.A.]


Industrialization of Vulcanized Fibre in the U.S.A.
Diamond state fibre


Suzuki Shouten (founding company of Nissha Shokai) was found

[1901 U.S.A.]


・ Inventor Hayat invented in 1869
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1911


Azuma Leather was established as the chemical department of Suzuki Shouten

[1909 U.S.A.]


Phenolic resin
・ Inventor Bayer invented in 1872
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1914


Nissha Shokai was established with support from Suzuki Shoten
(Rubber manufacturing business)


[1911 U.S.A.]


Alkyd resin
・ Inventor Berthruuse invented in 1847
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1934


Azuma Leather separated its rubber department, and it merged Nissha Shokai
into Nippon Ringyo Limited Partnership Company (now Nichirin) in 1914


Reorganized Azuma Leather into East Kogyo to establish two new business

1 Artificial silk thread department → going through a period of Yonezawa
Artificial Silk Yarn Factory,
it developed into Imperial Artificial Silk Thread (now Teijin) in 1918

2 Hard fiber board section (Vulcanized Fibre) → Nissha Shokai accepted
the transfer of the businessMerged Teikoku Kenshi in 1934 into Toyo Fibre

Suzuki Shouten Memorial Hall Special Feature:


Tokyo Textile Research Institute was established in Ikebukuro
Started industrialization of Vulcanized Fibre (preceded by Teikoku Kenshi)



Kagaku Kenshi Co., Ltd. was established as a business succession company of
Tokyo Textile Research Institute


Started production of Vulcanized Fibre in Nissha Shokai, Fibre Division


Established Teikoku Kenshi Co., Ltd. as a business succession company of
Kagaku Kenshi Co., Ltd.


Urea resin
・ Inventor Goldschmitz invented in1896
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1929


A factory of Teikoku Kenshi Co., Ltd. was established in Nakano, Tokyo.



Nippon Fibre Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started commercial production
(founded by a former engineer of Vulcanized Fibre from Nissha Shokai)

[1933 U.S.A. & German]


Vinyl chloride

・ Inventor Regnard invented in1835

・ Industrialization in Japan, 1941


Age [Industrialization]

History of Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre

Industrialization of plastic and the history of Vulcanized Fibre


Toyo Fibre was established in March 3, 1934
Teikoku Kenshi Co., Ltd. and the Vulcanized Fibre Division of Nissha Shokai
Co., Ltd. were merged to establish Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.
Tokyo head office and Osaka branch office were established.
Vulcanized Fibre was produced at Tokyo plant and Kobe plant


Methacrylic resin
・ Inventor Rame invented in 1901
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1938


Hokuetsu Corporation (former Hokuetsu Paper Co., Ltd.)
started producing Vulcanized Fibre at Nagaoka Mill
(by instruction of a former engineer of Nippon Fibre Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

[1938 U.S.A.]

Melamine resin
・ Hoffman inventor invented in 1874
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1943

[U.K. 1939]

・ Inventor I. C. I invented in 1931
・ Industrialization in Japan, 1959

1941 [U.S.A.]

Hokuetsu Paper Co., Ltd. started the first continuous production
of Vulcanized Fibre in Japan

・ Inventor Carrosas invented in 1938
・ Industrialization in Japan, in 1943


Received the designation of a military control plant.




・ Inventor Clover Bradley invented in 1939

・ Industrialization in Japan, in 1953



Nippon Fibre Manufacturing Co., Ltd. closed

[1950 Germany]


・ Inventor I. G invented in 1937

・ Industrialization in Japan, 1955


Constructed as a dedicated plant for the Vulcanized Fibre cans at
the Itami plant



Nippon Specialty Paper Co., Ltd. was established
(Toyo Fibre’s wholly owned company)
Opened Fuji Factory to produce raw papers and other industrial raw papers.
※ The current Fuji Engineering Department, Shizuoka plant

・ Inventor G ・ Natta invented in 1954


Nippon Specialty Paper Co., Ltd. opened the former Numazu plant.
Nippon Specialty Paper Co., Ltd. became the Numazu Plant of Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.
Installed production equipment of Vulcanized Fibre


Development of heat-resistant Vulcanized Fibre in response to the
Electrical Appliances and Materials Control Act.
(Heat resistant grade E class product) (V-0 · 1 product)


New plant established in Haramachi, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
※ The current headquarters and the Numazu Engineering Department,
Shizuoka factory


Development of flame retardant Vulcanized Fibre in response to UL94.
(V-0 · 1 item)


Toyo Corporation Co., Ltd. was established
Slitter work for Vulcanized Fibre started.


Registration of ISO 9001: 2000 certification


70th anniversary of the founding



ISO 9001: 2008 certification registration


Made a share exchange with Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd. and became its
wholly-owned subsidiary.



The Numazu plant and the Fuji plant were integrated to form the Shizuoka
factory Merged Toyo Corporation into Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.


Changed company name to Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.
Took over the Vulcanized Fibre business of Nagaoka Mill of Hokuetsu
Corporation (former Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd.)
and became the only company producing Vulcanized Fibre in Japan


ISO 9001: 2015 certification registration