President’s message

Our economic environment is at a turning point where our lives change significantly due to the development of digital technologies such as IoT, AI, and DX. All industries are accelerating toward Society 5.0 for SDGs, and companies are required an adaptability to the social changes.

We are the only one company in Japan that produces “Vulcanized Fiber”, a cellulosic material fused with nano/microfibers. This is a material made from natural cellulose that coexists with nature. It has excellent toughness, electrical insulation and biodegradability, and is used in all industries that are contributing to the lives of people all over the world. Furthermore, “Vulcanized Fiber” is most suitable to the SDGs as an alternative plastic material.

As a group company of Hokuetsu Corporation, we are working toward the achievement of the current mid-term management plan and “Group environmental target 2030”. Through the development of environmentally friendly products and work style reforms, we will increase our corporate value, and we will contribute to our society.

Takanobu Kanagawa
Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

Group Corporate Philosophy

As a people focused business group, we work to improve society globally, by providing socially and environmentally responsible products through innovative manufacturing on a global scale.

Group Code of Conduct

1.We Shall Comply with Laws and Regulations, and Act in a Responsible Manner in Line with the Social Norms.
2.We Shall Strive for Environmental Conservation and Seek Harmonious Coexistence with Society and Local Communities.
3.We Shall Respect Human Rights and Strive to Secure a Safe, Hygienic and Pleasant Workplace Environment .
4.We Shall Conduct Business with Integrity and Fairness.
5.We Shall Appropriately Manage Corporate Assets and Information.