Special Papers are the processed papers with strong paper strength produced by the manufacturing technology for producing the base papers for Vulcanized Fibre.

Special paper is produced based on the manufacturing technology and know-how of the base paper used for our main product Vulcanized Fibre, and it is a processing base paper with excellent paper strength, which is excellent in impregnation of resins etc. Taking advantage of its features, it continues to gain popularity in the market as a base paper for office binders, covers for high-end notebooks, packing sheets for cosmetic cases, core sheets for decorative plates, gaskets, and various other applications. We are aspiring to fulfil our customers’ needs by aiming at further development and expanding production and sales capacity. Please do not hesitate to contact us about not only the application (Please refer to the detail shown on this page) but also other requirements for various characteristics.

Core base paper for decorative board(impregnated base paper for building materials)

It is mainly used as a core material in decorative panels, which are structural materials used for doors of system kitchens, furniture, and public facilities.
After impregnating paper with melamine resin, phenol resin, DAP resin, polyester resin, etc., it is hot pressed to develop various strength characteristics.
Therefore, it has appeared in every aspect of life because physical properties can be obtained for any application depending on the choice of resin.
Core base paper for decorative board is generally divided roughly into unbleached type and bleached type.
(Some colored material core base paper is also available)
We have an assortment of both unbleached and bleached type.
Impregnability (water absorption) and wet strength at the time of impregnation are particularly important for the quality required for decorative base paper.
Therefore, we make full use of the low density paper production technology established by the technology of producing Vulcanized Fibre.

Core paper

R (Red), B (Black), Y (Yellow), G (Gray)
※ Please contact us for details.

Unbleached core

Base paper for cloth

The base paper for cloth is an important component of artificial leather, which is impregnated with resin in this paper and used as a book cover such as for an encyclopedia, and is an impregnated paper that is finished like leather.
The paper must be impregnated with a latex-based resin to retain the feel of the leather while fulfilling the required properties such as fold resistance and water resistance. Therefore, it is a base paper that has contradictory requirements in terms of the nature of paper. At first glance, the product after impregnation is a material that can be mistaken for leather, and is used for the cover of files, diaries, binders, catalogs, menus, luxury notebooks, etc.

Cushion paper

It is used in the process of pressing printed wiring boards, hard polyvinyl chloride boards and decorative boards, and is used as a cushioning material that applies uniform pressure and heat to the entire surface.
This product also utilizes the technology used for Fibre base paper (low density), and it is rich in cushioning properties and relatively heat resistant, and withstands repeated use during hot pressing (repeat use).
Printed wiring boards for consumer electronics are mainly multilayered and flexible, and high precision and high density require cushioning materials to have high quality.
Our cushioning papers are made of carefully selected pulp and high-quality water flown from the foot of Mt. Fuji in order to maintain the quality required for the above applications. There are only few adverse effects such as dents on the copper foil of the printed wiring board, which contributes to the improvement of the yield.

55~300g/m2 ※Please contact us for the details.


In addition to the above applications, our company specializes in manufacturing the special papers using various materials such as gasket paper, core paper for price tag, pleated paper, and cotton paper.
Small lot production is also available. Please contact us for any special enquiry.

55~300g/m2 ※Please contact us for the details.