Application example

Electrical equipment parts
Speaker parts, washers, motor parts, breaker parts, containers and partitions for electronic parts, dry battery peripheral parts, and electrical insulation bonded to PET film.
Abrasive for polishing machine application
For base materials for abrasive disc and abrasive belt by taking advantage of impact resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and resin adhesion
Industrial safety gear
For welding mask and welding holder helmet due to impact resistance, durability, non-melting, electrical insulation, drawability, etc.

Various containers and miscellaneous goods
Suitcase, Bookcase, tray, instrument case, used paper collection box, bag core, shoe core, various tags, Kendo-armor, and makeup box.
Textbooks, stationery, and fashion relations
Material and paper clip of school work making use of warm taste and processability of natural material. An environmentally friendly Fibre hook.
Food packaging materials
Cutting edge of wrap film and aluminum foil which are easy to separate and collect.